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7th Sunday of Easter

The time between the Feasts of Ascension (last Thursday) and Pentecost (next Sunday) is filled with a sense of waiting in joyful hope. As Jesus ascends into Heaven – to His Father and Our Father – He promises to send us the Holy Spirit as our helper and guide! How blest we are! No matter what difficulties we face, GOD IS WITH US ALWAYS! So we join the Apostles, through the Word today, in continuous prayer with Mary, the Mother of Jesus and our Mother; bearing the name of Christ – Christian – with the gladness of the Holy Spirit; and rejoicing in the priceless gift of eternal life He gives to those who know Him! May we glorify Him by our lives! Alleluia!



Resources from the Archdiocese:

Reflections for the seventh Sunday of Easter, a Novena to the Holy Spirit and other useful resources for this time

All can be downloaded at https://www.liverpoolcatholicresources.com/ or through http://www.liverpoolcatholic.org.uk/ by clicking on ‘Prayer and Other Resources’


A powerful Easter message from the Archdiocese of Lima: https://youtu.be/lszq3gu7ZYU

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